Deploy java application in JON server

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is it possible to configue Java application in jon server.


configured java application in JON

Hi Muralkrishna,

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Can you be a bit more specific about "Java application?"

If you are referring to deploying and configuring a web application to a JBoss application server, then there are some configuration options exposed for the JEE web deployment. However, application specific configuration would require a custom plug-in.

You will need to consult the product documentation for the JBoss product you are attempting to manage. The core JBoss ON documentation does include a reference for some of the provided plug-ins in Development - Complete Resource Reference.

For information on creating a custom plug-in see Development - Writing Custom Plug-ins.

we need to configure java -Xms128m -Xmx256m -Xoptimize -Xbatch com.vzb.appcontroller.main.AppMonitor -c /var/opt/totality/mgmt_sv/current/solaris/etc/AppMonitor_GatewayOutboundPoller.xml process in jon server. how do we configure our own java process in JON

If you simply want to monitor whether a process is running or not (UP or DOWN) you could use the platform process service. This can be added by going to the platform the process in running on in your JBoss ON inventory and then from its child resources inventory page select Import > Process. This will allow you to identify a process to monitor either using a PID file or PIQL to identify the target process.

This will not allow you to start/stop the process or change its command-line arguments. For that, you would need to develop a custom plug-in or use a script server resource -- also at the platform level. The script server resource is simply a wrapper around a command-line or script.