Kickstart template for RHEV hypervisor auto installation.

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Hi all,

I have an requirement of automating all my RHEV hypervisor installation using pxe. So is there any kickstart template available for RHEV hypervisor installation?? it will be helpful to have a template to automate my requirement.

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You can look at your existing RHEV Hypervisor machines (for existing options):

cat /root/anaconda-ks.cfg

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Thanks James for you reply.
I don’t see any anaconda-ks file in any installed RHEV hypervisor.
the same can be found in RHEL. so is there a knowledge base available for creating ks file for RHEV hypervisor installation.


hello Inbaraj, I don't currently have a RHEV Hypervisor built and unfortunately it's been over 2 years since I have tried to kickstart a RHEV Hypervisor - but, I think we can figure this out. I'll do some poking around later. Something just occured to me... I don't believe you use a KS file (like a normal kickstart). You specify the parameters in your PXE cfg. (I apologize for suggesting the kickstart file).

Check out the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Hypervisor Deployment Guide (sec 4.2.9)

:linux storage_init=/dev/sda storage_vol=::::: local_boot BOOTIF=eth0

I will look into this further and update this thread when I have better advice ;-)

My intention here is to do RHEV hypervisor installation without any manual intervention, but with all user values(disk,partition size) using a kickstart file(which we use for RHEL).


This article also describes an option, using RHEV manager + PXE:

Kickstart is a less obvious way, for setting up a storage domain for your guest is not easy using shell commands.


Jan Gerrit Kootstra