p2v and new certificate for Satellite ?

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I am going to p2v our Satellite 5.5. Do I need a new certificate for Satellite in any of the following cases:
- I don't change anything (neither ip nor hostname) ?
- I will change ip address (but not hostname) ?



Hello Przemyslaw,

If you do not change any of the two settings, I should work without any trouble.

When changing ip or hostname, you will get issues with the https certificate. Hostname issues can be resolved using spacewalk-hostname-rename


Jan Gerrit


I have just recently done the same.

As Jan stated, if you do not change IP or hostname, everything will work exactly the same as it did before the p2v.

However, if you change IP and/or hostname, you WILL need to run spacewalk-hostname-rename. It is possible that you have IP addresses in one of your configuration files somewhere (cobbler on mine is using IP). The spacewalk-hostname-rename will update any of those config files that need updating.

If you only change IP, it WILL NOT issue a new certificate, so it will be transparent to all of the clients as long as DNS is updated and all of the clients are using DNS.

If you change hostname also, then it WILL issue a new certificate which will require some more planning as you will need to update /etc/sysconfig/rhn/up2date on all clients, as well as push the new certificate to all clients.

Thanks guys for clarification :-)