MATE Desktop on RHEL 7 beta

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I was surprised to see there wasn't yet a MATE desktop thread for RHEL 7 beta.

Our users so far are pretty bummed to not see it as part of the everything-7 channel.

Is Redhat working on a workstation DE that users will accept or are we stuck with trying to come up with something that works for users but is unsupported by RedHat (such as including MATE on our own)?


Hey Kodiak! Please excuse my ignorance as I have very little knowledge about this topic (which will be painfully obvious).

What is MATE? From what I gathered, it seems to be a Gnome 2 off-shoot? Similar to compiz?

I thought a majority of those types of implementations were part of the EPEL, or 3rd-party REPOs - not any of the standard Red Hat Channels (I could be wrong on that).
I believe RHEL 7 is based on Gnome 3 (but defaults to Gnome Classic). Does MATE have a Gnome 3 compatible install?

Hi James! No worries at all.

Here's the project page for MATE:

Here's the Fedora page for MATE:

It's something of a fork of the last "normal" version of Gnome that users expect, and it started to be integrated into Fedora in 17, and with RHEL 7 being factored against Fedora 19, we were all hoping and expecting to see it as one of the main install options if not the default.

I have on my list of things to do, to examine all our Puppet desktop policy configs and see what will be transferable to MATE for RHEL 7.

Hi Kodiak,

We're offering Gnome 3 (with Gnome Classic as the default) and KDE 4.10. With so many desktop options of interest in the community (isn't that a great thing?), it's hard for us to offer them all and look to the community to create EPELs or 3rd party repos. Will you be be doing this to help serve the MATE fans?

Hello Ron,

Both of those options result in needless upheaval at my installation and likely those of most of your customers who have had a uniform managed workstation DE for many years.

I obviously don't want to add to the perpetual flamewar around G3 as the problems surrounding it have been fully covered many times, I just want to make sure voices are heard amongst us sysadmins who have to deal with the fallout of a switch every bit as drastic as NT -> Aero in the Windows side of the house.

I think a lot of us expected RedHat to take a cautious approach and focus on MATE to provide a predictable experience for end users, especially since MATE has been worked on in Fedora for the last 4 releases. I sincerely hope that MATE will be integrated and supported by the time RHEL 7 goes GA but I'm guessing it's too late and now we have to deal with the fallout.

Let me tell you that the reason Gnome 3 is functional enough is because of the shell extensions you can dump at it and let me tell's a memory consumption process. I had Fedora 20 with Gnome 3 installed and had to replace it back to Ubuntu because of the same issue.

Is there any particular reason why Red Hat prefers GNOME by default over MATE? Is it simply because Fedora also uses GNOME by default and so it now represents the path of least resistance for Red Hat?

I just wanted to add my opinion to the discussion. In our environment we are running Development Workstations on our internal cloud (VMWare). These systems do not have accelerated graphics and are accessed via VNC or RDP. Gnome3 (even Gnome classic) on these machines uses up a significant portion of the allocated CPU cycles that we would rather put towards the IDE or App Servers. Also, there is hesitation to approve the EPEL repo's in our environment.

Having a lightweight (i.e. does not require 3D acceleration or massive CPU cycles) desktop available in the RHEL repo's would be greatly appreciated.

I am installing RHEL 8 onto my workstation today, and I discovered this old thread. I hope that MATE support is finally present, but I will experiment in VirtualBox first to make sure everything works before dealing with it on my actual hardware. Releasenotes time, I guess!