What is going on with Subscription Manifest validity expiring in less than one day?

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What is going on the Satellite Subscription manifests becoming invalid in on the Satellite Server less than 24 hours? Every time I sync now, I have to refresh the manifest or download it again. This started happening about 2 months ago, although I thought it was some quirk. At this point it is more than a minor annoyance. I'm running an old Satellite version, 6.3, but I don't understand why the manifest is impacting the sync process like this. It is almost as if the newer versions of Satellite server do a refresh automatically prior to sync, but older version now have to refresh the manifest manually just prior to a sync. Why would something like this be happening??

Sync failure:
Sync failed with error retrieving metadata

Refresh the manifest, you can see the previous refresh was less than 24 hours ago:
Refresh the manifest, the previous refresh was done yesterday, and the sync failed today.

Start a new test sync with one repo.
Start a new sync to one item, example of previous sync error just above.

It worked and too about an hour, I start all the others.
After an hour of syncing, it completed, no error message this time, I restarted the other repos.


Hello Brian McMahon,

We're volunteers, and what you describe sounds like it really needs the attention of Red Hat customer support, because they have access to your specific things, and we volunteers don't, and Red Hat can more efficiently deal with this than we can.

Please contact Customer support for this