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Does Ceph4 Support Redhat Virtualization 4.4?
Does RedHat recommend using it?
Does it have we have end-to-end support if any issue occurs?
Please address the above concerns and do the needful


Hi Jithendra,

We are fellow customers, so please do not use a military phrase like Do the needful.

A support case might be the fastest way to get an answer.

For I could not find a compatibility/support matrix.


Jan Gerrit

Hi Jithendra Dubagunta

This link for Red Hat Virtualization Release Notes version 4.4 has two mentions for CEPH, however, I, a volunteer here, can not provide you a completely accurate answer if Ceph is supported with RHEV 4.4. Either open a case with Red Hat as Jan mentioned above, or please contact Red Hat Sales in your region for a complete answer.

UPDATE Please contact Red Hat sales or a ticket before making a final decision, but see this link from Red Hat that may provide info to your question however, this link here has to do with "cinderlib".