How can my manager by the voucher for ex-294 exam me?

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How can my manager buy a ex-294 exam voucher for me? What information do I need to provide to him? I was searching online and it's look like I need to provide my userid and password. Is there any other way to buy the voucher for me?


Hello Muhammad Chughtai,

For the times my company purchased something for my account, they did not need my account password. They did need your Red Hat personal account userid (like for a purchase of Red Hat Learning Subscription).

I recommend you or your manager (or both of you together) talk directly with Red Hat Training at that link which has the contacts for the world's regions.

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Hi RJ Hinton,

I just want him to buy ex294 exam voucher for me not any training course from Redhat. I'll try that link you shared.

Thank you RJ Hinton for your help

Hope that helps, Wish you well.

Please really visit this link by Ashraf Hassan - another Red Hat Accelerator who wrote some fantastic tips on preparation - (we are not employees of Red Hat, but part of the Accelerator group). Also please log into

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Thank you RJ Hinton. That is very helpful and I have requested to join that group.

Hi Muhammad Chughtai,

The official Red Hat Learning community is very helpful too.

Wish you the best,

Ok. Thank you RJ Hinton.