Kickstart - Configure wireless before the start of the installation

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I would like to install RH8 on a laptop whose the only ability to connect to internet is a wireless network.
The aim is to activate the wireless before the installation to get the packages through http/https URL.

I saw the "--essid" option on the network command. However, I didn't find a real sample on how to use this option. All the configurations tried have failed.

Does anybody has already connected a machine to the wifi with kickstart?

Thank you


If you've successfully tested an interactive installation over wifi, then the file /root/anaconda-ks.cfg may be useful as a basis for a custom kickstart.

Another potential approach is to boot the installer in rescue mode, then determine the commands needed to make the wifi connection. Theoretically, these commands could then be used in the %pre section of kickstart, but this is something I've never tested myself.

Hi Robert, thank you for the response. I'm going to try an installation through the wifi to see the content of anaconda-ks.cfg file.