rhel 8 not booting in gui mode

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I was updated install libelf-dev, libelf-devel or elfutils-libelf-devel packages .

after that nvidia drivers installation completed.it not booting in GUI mode, it will run in CLI mode directly.

i run below command it shows black screen only not showing anything.

systemctl isolate graphical.target

after this i press alt+f4 and run below command to change GUI mode but its not getting update

systemctl set-default graphical.target


system not booting into GUI mode. and i attached screenshots for reference and i attached Nvidia install in rhel document what i enter commands.


Hi Mallesh,

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https://access.redhat.com/support/cases is where Red Hat is providing paid support.

Here Red Hatters and fellow customers give advise. We cannot resolve issues on priority.

Unfortunately I cannot see the attachments, so it is hard to give any advise at the moment.

Might not be relevant to your case, but on my machine it takes sometimes a minute or 2 before the balck screen turns into the login screen after a nVidia driver install/update


Jan Gerrit

Dear Team, After running the command - nvidia-xconfig -a --busid=PCI:59:0:0 - nvidia-xconfig -a --preserve-busid

then start x given after gpu card detected working but after restart the os get crash showing  a start job is running for hold until boot process finishes up (14 minutes 5 seconds / no limit) waited fot 2 hours but no result not getting gui mode and command mode also .please resolve this

Hi Mallesh,

To get more info for someone being able to help you out.

How did you install the drivers?

  • rpms
  • a NVIDIA-Linux-....run

What version?

Which starting job is running?


Jan Gerrit

we installed NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-470.63.01.run

getting started session 4 of user pcp. i will attatch screen shot ifyou provide link or email

Hi Mallesh-

Welcome to the Customer Portal Community! As Jan Gerrit mentioned, the Community is a forum for asking questions and sharing ideas freely. Please be advised that there is no set timeline of when customers or Red Hat associates are required to respond by, but people tend to try to help out as much as they can based on if they've experienced similar issues. If you have an urgent technical support question (and have the ability to based on your subscription), please consider opening a support case with our team here. Thanks for starting a discussion and joining the conversation on the Community!


Hi Mallesh,

To add on to what Jan Gerritt, and Teresa mentioned...

I see the kind of issue you speak of above on a workstation running a graphical environment, and a driver for something such as NVIDIA (as Jan suggested) has been loaded.

You can often press "ctrl-alt-f3" or "ctrl-alt-f4" together to enter something called a "pseudo-terminal" which will bypass a graphical environment and then run commands such as lspci | grep -i vga to see what kind of hardware graphics you have. If you happen to have an NVIDIA card installed, you could run nvidia-smi and it will give you output to let you know if a driver is installed.

The most common like-issue you describe above -- in my environment we experience this sometimes after a recent yum update and the kernel gets updated, then on a system that has NVIDIA - the NVIDIA driver would need to be updated after the reboot. If this is the same for you, then you could potentially reload what NVIDIA driver (such as what Jan suggested above). If this is the same for you, you will need to do this in multi-user.target.

If you now - already happen to have with Red Hat already - then work with Red Hat on this matter. We should not be interfering with this case - the information I've provided is what happens sometimes in our own environment which may or may not be similar to yours.

Kind Regards

[root@localhost * ]# lspci -mn I grep UGA 03:08.8 UGA compatible controller (03801: Matrox Electronics Systems Ltd. Integrated Matrox G200ew3 Graphics Controller (1826 : 8536) (rev 04) 3:00.0 VGA compatible controller (0380): NVIDIA Corporation GÞ 107GL (Quadro P480] [10de: 1cb31 (rev al)

Mallesh, not sure which version of RHEL you are using. Also, not sure if you have seen this Red Hat solution

Kind Regards,

We installed NVIDIA QUADRO P400 card in our dell r740xd server on rhel 8

Dear Sir,

I was done below steps today.

1).restart the server with connecting gpu cable only, removed vga cable from server and check and same it will stopped at black screen only after restart

2).changed power configuration to non-redundant in bois and restarted .same black screen comes after restart

3).boot the server os into recovery mode as suggested steps from nvidia team and get gui screen comes with gpu card taken nvidia bug report and sos report copied after restart it comes to same black screen comes not get cmd mode also we press ctrl+alt+f5 to get cmd mode.

4).reloaded fresh os and loaded drivers as per nvidia team suggested from rhel site. after run below command it shows black screen only not showing anything.

systemctl isolate graphical.target systemctl set-default graphical.target

not get boot into gui mode