JBoss eap 6 Wsconsume support of fluent-api

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I am migrating from Jboss as 6 using metro tools to JBoss eap 6 with JBossws tools to generate wsdl and client. In my ant file, I was using the task below

I am using fluent-api.jar to generate the withattributeName() for my attributes. But I can't do that anymore.
I have read that JBoss ws tools is build apon apache cxf which supports this task.
How to do this same task with wsconsume.



This isn't something that is supported by Red Hat. When you say you "can't do that anymore", what do you mean? What happens? Do you get some error? What is it exactly that the fluent-api.jar does? What version of CXF supports it?

I have added proportion of the ant tasks. in the antCxf file, you find the solution using Apache Cxf tool (not included in the Jboss).
In the second file, you find what I am trying to do, as in Metro. But it is not working, and I have this error : "wsconsume doesn't support the nested "xjcarg" element."

Ok as JBossws tool (wsprovide and wsconsume) are based on cxf and are using the cxf tool. When I run wsconsume, I see in the console [wsconsume] wsdl2java - Apache CXF 2.6.6-redhat-3

The jaxb-fluent-api.jar allow the method chaining for bean setter. So when I put it in the ant, it generates more methods for my attributes. Please see the picture I have uploaded.

Reading the community pages you should be able to use the wsdl2java. However, I think you're going to need to put the jaxb-fluent-api.jar on the classpath along with a few other dependencies. If you find it works in community CXF and not in JBoss CXF then please raise a support case so we can look in to it.