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I have followed the document "How to register and subscribe a system offline to the Red Hat Customer Portal" and the system shows the subscription associated but does not show as registered.

I also followed the "How to mount and use the Red Hat Software Collections (RHSCL) binary DVD to be used as a local repository" and it does not show any updates available. It should be noted that my system is no longer registered because of the last item to perform within this document had me clean the subscription-manager and I did not realize that meant it would clear the registration.

Any help on these issues would be greatly appreciated.


I could be off on this, but check the last modified date of the binary DVD you downloaded. I know for me, I use 7.9 and the last modified date of the binary DVD is 2020-09-18. I'm not going to get anything new off that disk. I'm trying to figure out how to get the updates I need in one download instead of 50 or more myself.

I'm also doing something similar now. I imported the PEM file for my subscription and it did seem to register, but then it gave me the unregistered errors as I used yum. I found the date on the computer was sitting at 2018. I fixed the date and then imported again and got further with yum. It appears the PEM file has some activation date embedded. I'll have to remember this if I do the same next year and my subscription ends.

I'm also trying to install packages from my binary DVD that resides on a compact flash card. I copied the REPO file over to /etc/yum.repos.d and changed the baseurls to my mounted locations for AppStream and BaseOS. However, when I do "yum repolist enabled" or even "yum list" their size is zero and I get a "Failed to synchronize cache for repo..., ignoring this repo."

I did this install on a Dell previously in 2019 with the same binary DVD file and had all these steps written down as I got them to work (RHEL 8.0 BTW) and now it's acting differently.