Generating a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) using Apache mod_ssl

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I'm about to create my SSL for my web server that will have internet access for users. This will be my first attempt at this and need know:

1) In order for the cert to be validated by a CA, do I need to have a business license for the Organization Name (eg, company)? The domain name will be the same name as my company name. At the moment, I will not be selling anything, I just want to establish internet / security connection to the website.

After configuring the server for user interaction and completing other projects, then it will be ready for business. My domain name is already ready registered.


Hello Nasheayahu Yashra'al, and welcome here...

We generate certificate signing requests to attain third-party server certificates quite often. We have mod_ssl installed on our web servers. Given the specific question you have - look at this Red Hat solution and just to make sure, open a case with Red Hat to validate your question with mod_ssl. I suspect that solution covers it, but double check with a case with Red Hat. Mention this discussion and the link I provided in the case too.

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