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I read an article about using the GUI in the exam, but I don't remember the source. Can anyone provide information on this?


Hi Deniz,

We would love to provide you a very targeted answer to your question. However, your post/question is missing needed detail so it is difficult to give you the kind of answer that will target your specific issue. Please consider these posting tips.

Is your question really for Red Hat OpenStack? Or is it for Red Hat Linux?

I see you added "Red Hat OpenStack Platform" as a tag. If you meant Horizon for Openstack, that has some generic information. Did you want GUI-Guidelines? Or perhaps OpenStack Dashboard?

The Red Hat Learning Community is a great place to post questions that do not violate specific test topics.

If you wanted Linux (I doubt it if you added OpenStack as a tag), then this link speaks of using the desktop environment for Red Hat Linux graphical environment (documentation), or this Red Hat solution that covers how to make a graphical environment available on a Red Hat system, maybe.

Perhaps you meant the difference between configuring a system using tools that are graphical (GUI) versus command-line. There are different methods to achieve goals, and there are some graphical-based tools you can use instead of command-line. I'm not clear if this is what you are addressing, and there are many things to configure on a typical Red Hat exam, so this is a very diverse question/answer.

If none of the above helps, do still consider going to the Red Hat Learning Community (the link is above). Otherwise, please add more information for the specific thing you are interested in so we can have a better idea on how to focus a more targeted response.

Kind Regards, and welcome,