A server reload is required

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Good Morning

We have a jboss environment which is runnig a few apps/jvms on.
It consists of 3 servers which is running eap 7.1
2 of those servers are running the apps

It keeps showing following,

"A server reload is required"

This is on the EAP management Console

After stop and starting the app it goes away but returns in a few days

Can anyone advice me please


Hi Martin,

I'd seriously dig into all logs you can on the system with this specific issue. The only thing i can find close to the problem you mention is this https://issues.redhat.com/browse/JBEAP-2169?attachmentSortBy=dateTime. However, you can submit an SOS report with a Red Hat ticket and Red Hat can dig into this.

I also found this from 2017, but I can't say with certainty this is a good fit for your issue.