Installing Google Chrome on UBI8

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I want to install Google Chrome in the container whose base image is UBI8.

but some library couldn't be installed. How to install them?

7 5.464 Problem: conflicting requests
7 5.464 - nothing provides liberation-fonts needed by google-chrome-stable-91.0.4472.101-1.x86_64
7 5.464 - nothing provides needed by google-chrome-stable-91.0.4472.101-1.x86_64
7 5.464 - nothing provides xdg-utils needed by google-chrome-stable-91.0.4472.101-1.x86_64

Here is my Dockerfile.

ADD google-chrome.repo /tmp/google-chrome.repo

RUN INSTALL_PKGS='google-chrome-stable' && \
mv /tmp/google-chrome.repo /etc/yum.repos.d && \
dnf -y install $INSTALL_PKGS && \


Hi Daiki,

Google Chrome on UBI ? Well, that's not exactly what UBI is meant to be used for. You have to understand that containers are
processes running isolated from the operating system in a sandbox in the first place. What Google Chrome needs is a desktop
environment running on top of a graphical user interface. You can achieve this, yes ... but this means that you have to install all
dependencies that are needed. You have to register the RHEL system running within the container - you have to enable repos
in order to gain access to the packages and so on. So in the end you will land with something like a "full blown" virtual machine.
RHEL UBI wants to provide exactly the opposite - a light-weight container base image. Hope I could explain it good enough. :)


Hi Daiki,

Just stumbled upon this blog post :
Very interesting article - I don't know if all that is (still) valid for podman, but the (security) considerations are noteworthy ... :)


Using ubi8 for a nodejs build container. Installing chrome is required for executing unit tests.