Which package versions are used for OpenShift 4.x ?

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A customer I support wants to setup a staging cluster for OpenShift. Due to budget limits the customer do not want to pay for another subscription for OpenShift.

My idea was to setup OKD as staging cluster and use the the package versions OpenShift uses.

I was not able to find specific versions for OKD that OpenShift uses for example for version 4.7.

I remember that RedHat did that for example for RedHat Satellite, where every component (Foreman etc) was listed with it's versions number.

Is there a an overview which OKD/CoreOS version is used in OpenShift stable releases?




Hi Dan,

i am not able to answer your question, sorry for that, but maybe you could use CodeReadyContainers on a singlehost with haproxy for externel connections.


You can check the used OpenShift-Version in the release-info.json

e.g.: CRC Version 1.27 is running with OCP 4.7.11