Maven build breaks 'Could not find artifact com.fasterxml.jackson:jackson-base:pom:2.12.1.redhat-00001'

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The maven build of our project fails with this error:

[ERROR] Failed to execute goal on project our_project: 
Could not resolve dependencies for project our_package:our_project:war:our_version-SNAPSHOT: 
Failed to collect dependencies at com.yubico:webauthn-server-attestation:jar:1.9.1 ->
 com.yubico:webauthn-server-core-minimal:jar:1.9.1 -> com.yubico:yubico-util:jar:1.9.1 ->
Failed to read artifact descriptor for 
Could not find artifact com.fasterxml.jackson:jackson-base:pom:2.12.1.redhat-00001
 in bypassnexus ( -> [Help 1]

Digging into the matter I found that this pom refers to the parent jackson-base


which is not in the repository, where I would expect it in

The build seems to be broken since the release of version 2.12.1.redhat-00001 on Wed May 26 18:00:46 EDT 2021. Is the redhat repository broken? Can I tweek the yubico-util-package not to use the redhat version?

Best regards, Markus


Problem is solved: