Can't launch RH training: "R cannot be played on this portal" - Red Hat OpenShift Administration II (DO280R)

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I got this error when trying to launch training DO280R:
"R cannot be played on this portal"
This prevents me from starting the training.

The button also links to "javascript:void(0)"
Above error hints at a service / programming or configuration problem with the portal.

I tried:
-Different browsers: Firefox & Chrome
-Different platform: Linux & Windows
-Disable pop up blocking
-Disable all script blockers / ad blockers
-Browser test (all checks ok)

Any ideas? My colleague who has the same course also experiences this issue.
I have tried contacting RH support since this looks like a server error to me, but so far no response.



Hello Jannick,

Did you call the RH support phone number in your region?

As fellow customers we can read your message, but we cannot fix the issue for you.


Jan Gerrit

Hi Jan Gerrit, I have sent an email to "". Thanks for the tip, I will give RH support a ring.

Hi Jannick,

Success, next time use both my given names or the first please? :) So I know you do not need help from another family member :)


Jan Gerrit

Sorry, edited my reply.


Ok, to follow up on this, the correct way of accessing this course is at the RH Online Learning (ROL) site. This was not clear from the instructions I received, or the information at the training environment, but this course is only accessible on the ROL site.

Thanks Jannick for the good tip

Anyone landing here - please keep in mind, the Red Hat training people have mentioned in previous posts (buried) here in the discussion forum that if anyone encounters issues with the Red hat Online Learning - they recommend people submit tickets since it's a paid product and some fixes for people won't work with others due to a variety of reasons.

Also keep in mind to register at the official Red Hat Learning Portal.

However, in this case, this will work - thanks again Jannick.