RHEL8 Installation source from USB

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I have an installation setup which includes one USB with RHEL8.4 ISO and then a separate USB with a ks.cfg kickstart file. It boots up into the installation and I use the boot option 'linux inst.ks=hd:LABEL=KS_USB:/ks.cfg. It proceeds with the installation and correctly fills in all of the information besides the installation source with 'Error setting up base repository'.

How do I point to the USB with the ISO for the BaseOS and AppStream?


You can try explicitly setting the repositories in kickstart, something like this:

url --url file:///mnt/install/repo/BaseOS
repo --name=local-AppStream --baseurl=file:///mnt/install/repo/AppStream

You'll need to double-check the directory structure on the ISO for the part of the path after /mnt/install/repo.