Unable to set up Admin Console on OpenShift

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Reference: https://access.redhat.com/documentation/en-us/red_hat_amq/6.3/html/red_hat_jboss_a-mq_for_openshift/tutorials#post_deployment

Steps mentioned in the tutorial are not matching with the deployment of AMQ that we have on our cluster.

Especially: "Creating a route" and "Connecting to the A-MQ Console" steps

Any other documentation that we can refer?.


As per the documentation there should be Connect button in the pod to get the amq web console, but we can not see any connect button for the broker pod. Can you please check and help us with some other steps/documentation to get the amq web console on ocp.


it may be best to open a support ticket if you have a valid subscription for Red Hat AMQ. Are you running on OpenShift 3.11 or 4.x? Also, do you still use AMQ 6.3 (as per the documentation link) or AMQ 7? A deployment of AMQ 7 on OpenShift 4 will be much easier as it is operator driven and does not require these low level steps from AMQ 6.3.

If you need to use AMQ 6.3 do all the previous installation commands succeed without errors?

Best Regards, Torsten Mielke

Hi Torsten, Thanks for your response. Sure we will create a support ticket. We are deploying A-MQ 6.3 on OpenShift 4.6. For some reason, we don't see AM-Q 7.x templates (non operator) on 4.6. But we will try that as well manually. As per the documentation here: https://access.redhat.com/documentation/en-us/red_hat_amq/7.2/html-single/deploying_amq_broker_on_openshift_container_platform/index

Our scenario is that we are trying to migrate 6.x AM-Q deployments to OpenShift without upgrade.