Where are the RPMs of the JBoss EAP

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I am not able to find the RPM packages of JBoss EAP. Where can I find them?


Hi Kwong Hei Tsang,

Sorry for the late response, but if you are using a paid version of JBoss, contact Red Hat Sales or Customer Support to make sure your subscription entitlement has JBoss. Otherwise, if you are using a developer's version (non-production), then use this link. If you did really pay for JBoss (you pay for support), then it would be good to resolve this with Red Hat Sales/Customer support so if let's say a month from now you need Red Hat's support, you will have it established.

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I have finally contacted the support that RPMs are not included.

Other than the link to Red Hat Developers, I find standalone packages too from access.redhat.com. Only the RPM repos are unavailable.