Change location of .crc file

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Is it possible to change the location of the setup for crc and the /.crc file?


Hi Michael,

Yes, it is possible - below see an example of my personal setup. :)

mkdir /mnt/virtual/crc
mkdir /mnt/virtual/crc/bin

mkdir /mnt/virtual/crc/ocp
mkdir /mnt/virtual/crc/ocp/crc
mkdir /mnt/virtual/crc/ocp/kube

ln -s /mnt/virtual/crc/ocp/crc /home/cl/.crc
ln -s /mnt/virtual/crc/ocp/kube /home/cl/.kube  

Note : "virtual" is a separate partition on the second built-in disk.
/mnt/virtual/crc/bin is the directory where the crc binary resides.
/mnt/virtual/crc/ocp is the location where the ocp stuff is stored.