subscription-manager fail: Unit with ID <guid> could not be found

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Anyone recall a problem like this, from the good-old-days?

For tried-and -true RHEL 7.6 (a requirement from our customer) on a newly generated system image:

sudo subscription-manager register --user xxxx
Registering to:
HTTP error (404 - Not Found): Unit with ID "da731453-c99d-4e28-8f61-dce936c1f327" could not be found.

Subscriptions requested by user xxxx with matching password do work on other machines (e.g. tested on a VirtualBox VM.)

Here are some other outputs, in case they prove illuminating:

sudo system-manager list
... shows:
Installed Product Status
Product Name: Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server
Product ID: 69
Version: 7.6
Arch: x86_64
Status: Unknown
Status Details:

sudo system-manager remove --all
... confirms there are no active subscriptions, saying:
0 subscriptions removed from this system.

sudo subscription-manager config --list
hostname = []
insecure = [0]
no_proxy = []
port = [443]
prefix = [/subscription]
proxy_hostname = []
proxy_password = []
proxy_port = []
proxy_user = []
server_timeout = [180]
ssl_verify_depth = [3]

auto_enable_yum_plugins = [1]
baseurl = []
ca_cert_dir = [/etc/rhsm/ca/]
consumercertdir = [/etc/pki/consumer]
entitlementcertdir = [/etc/pki/entitlement]
full_refresh_on_yum = [0]
inotify = [1]
manage_repos = [1]
pluginconfdir = [/etc/rhsm/pluginconf.d]
plugindir = [/usr/share/rhsm-plugins]
productcertdir = [/etc/pki/product]
repo_ca_cert = /etc/rhsm/ca/redhat-uep.pem
repomd_gpg_url = []
report_package_profile = [1]

autoattachinterval = [1440]
certcheckinterval = [240]
splay = [1]

default_log_level = [INFO]

[] - Default value in use

Any advice would be welcomed.


We've figured out that da731453-c99d-4e28-8f61-dce936c1f327 is the UUID for a machine that a colleague of mine had registered. It is not a match to my own machine's UUID which is shown by:

subscription-manager facts | grep uuid

dmi.system.uuid: 03000200-0400-0500-0006-000700080009

what was the solution for this issue?

Sometimes it helps to go to the subscriptions page of your Red Hat account to evaluate your subscriptions as needed.

I've had times where I've had to unregister systems that are no longer valid, but this may not be the situation for others.

In short, it helps to go to the Subscription link at the top of the portal at this link, then click on "Systems" and see the list of systems you have connected.

When you are at that link named "Systems", you can hover over each system and see the UUID in the status bar of your web browser, or click on any system to see it's UUID. When you click a specific system and visit it's specific page, it will show the system's UUID.


Ran into a very similar looking issue with servers registered to Satellite 6.9. The server would register but generate various errors referring to a bad uuid. The quick fix was to delete /etc/rhsm/facts/katello.facts and re-register.

Hopefully this will help someone else.