Memcached/Keystone RHOSP 13 max_memory setting

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I've notice that the memcached process on the controllers over the past couple of weeks is increasing the amount of memory its using. In the last 4 days its increased by 2GB.

The article makes reference to a max_memory setting and comments memcached by default uses 50% of the available memory. But this article relates to the undercloud memcache configuration.

Is there a similar setting for the overcloud , when memcached is used for caching keystone. ref

I've looked the in keystone.conf file and there doesn't seem to be.

Does memcached have the same default behaviour of using 50% of available memory on the controllers ?



The MemcachedMaxMemory overcloud parameter is what you want. Add the parameter to an environment file:

  MemcachedMaxMemory: 25%

And include the environment file with your deployment.

You can also use either a percentage ('50%') or a fixed value ('2048') for MemcachedMaxMemory.

Thanks Daniel,

I'll give that a go