GNAT support for RHEL 8.2

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We were doing Ada2012 development in Linux(ubuntu previously).
Now, I have gcc (GCC) 8.3.1 20191121 (Red Hat 8.3.1-5) installed in RHEL 8.3 workstation, but no gnatmake command? Please advise how to make this command available (including compiling from sources if no package is available)?

I also see below information in Redhat Documentation:

16.1.3. Compatibility-breaking changes in GCC in RHEL 8
C++ ABI...

GCC no longer builds Ada, Go, and Objective C/C++ code
Capability for building code in the Ada (GNAT), GCC Go, and Objective C/C++ languages has been removed from the GCC compiler.

To build Go code, use the Go Toolset instead.

Similarly is there any replacement for GNAT for Ada programming?


I was looking for exactly the same issue and found your question. For now the only alternative we have found is going though AdaCore's GNAT Pro product (if commercial which could be overkill in price in some cases since support could not be needed) or go to the GNAT Community Edition (if the project is GPL software). They are stand alone binaries that presents no problem on RHEL 8.x.

The thing is I don't really understand why the standard gcc-gnat package that allows "any type" of software development is not shipped with RHEL 8.x. It is not clear for me the technical issue for gcc 8.3 to be unable to compile the Ada language support in RHEL 8.x. For instance, Fedora 34 ships gcc 11.1.1 and provides gcc-gnat.