Driver for HP officejet 4500 g510g

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I was looking for the suitable driver for my printer and came to this link:
Scrolling through I realized that there is no reference to Red Hat version 8 so I decided to write here.
Do you think the driver could be fine?
And possibly to do some scans?
In Windows 10 the setup included everything, print driver and OCR part that I used through the windows integrated scan management.

Thank you all.



Hello Fabio Danzetta,

The link you provided seems to show their driver at that page goes up to Red Hat version 6, which no one generally recommends now. However, I found a possible alternative.

I searched for your printer and rhel 8 in google, and I found this possible alternate HP link for a driver when you select "Linux", it leads to this link, which in turn leads to this link. That last link leads to this link which shows RHEL 8 as a supported driver however, it's impossible to know without having that printer and giving this a try.

Let us know how this goes,


Hi RJ, thanks you soo mutch.

Best regards