Recompile kernel Issue

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I Have been installed RHEL 7.8 on Dell PowerEdge 7525 server.
The installation is fine and I am able to use the OS.
But I want to recompile the kernel version with 4.9.184.
After installation I am facing booting issue. Linux is not booting and stuck on Dracut menu.
Getting the following error:
Warning: /dev/mapper/rhel-root does not exist
Warning: /dev/rhel/root does not exist
Warning: /dev/rhel/swap does not exist

I have been tried to regenerate initramfs using "dracut -f" command but the issue remains same.

But If I recompile 4.17.11 kernel then everyting is working without any issue.

Please suggest.


Hi Saifuddin Kaijar


Thanks RJ for the response. I have followed the this link for recompile kernel. And the kernel mentioned in this link is working for me. But when the same process I am following for kernel version 4.9.184, I am facing the issue which is mentioned above.

Hi Saifuddin,

I am guess you hit a lvm update gap.

4.9 is very old and might contain an older lvm driver than RHEL 7.8 has installed already.

Be aware that RHEL 8.0 which is about the same age as RHEL 7.8 is based on kernel 4.18.


Jan Gerrit

As the other threads RJ linked discuss - Why do you believe you need an updated kernel?

We regularly backport new features and fixes from upstream, so even though RHEL 7's kernel is numbered "3.10" it's actually a mix of many later kernel versions.

If you have a specific feature or fix you're after, then we can look and see if that's in RHEL7.

Otherwise, ELRepo are still building their kernel-ml so you can get v5.10 if you just want an RPM to install. Be aware that running a third-party kernel does put the system in a difficult support state.