Red Hat 8.3 rtl8168 / 8111 not working

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Hi, I'm going back to writing about a problem with the LAN card. The problems of operation I finally understood that they come from the model: rtl8168 / 8111. The board stops working as the configuration is always lost after reboots or power ups. I have tried everything but I think it is a driver problem. At this link we talk about it but for version 7 of Red Hat so I have not tried not knowing even if the repository can be considered reliable. How could I go about finding a permanent solution and making it permanently functional? Thanks


This happened to me recently, and the solution was to reboot my DSL modem.

When my network suddenly stopped working after a reboot, I tried booting the previous kernel, switching cables and modem ports, and finally plugged in a USB network adapter. When the USB adapter failed to connect, I suspected the issue was not local to my RHEL 8.3 system.

After rebooting the modem, everything was back to normal.

Hi Fabio,

Did you by chance forget to configure "Automatically connect ... " during the installation process in Anaconda ?
If that's the case, open System Settings and configure it in the network section. After rebooting it should work.
Sometimes the most easy things are the solution ... hope this is valid in your case as well. I wish you success ! :)


Robert, and Christian thanks for your help but I finally solved it by completely disabling the "virbr0" virtual switch interface installed by default during system installation. I don't need this interface as I don't need to use any hypervisor. There are two things to worry about: 1) Why was it installed by default? and 2) If I needed a hypervisor could I have problems managing and activating the physical LAN?

Thanks again and greetings.

Update: the problem has not been solved unfortunately. Everything is enabled even auto connect, DNS, everything. After the shutdown it does not come back up even manually. There is only one thing left that I could try as I had this problem on the same machine even with Windows 10. On Windows the same thing happened and I solved it by acting on the properties of the card by disabling the "energy saving ethernet" item. Is there an option to adjust these card properties on Red Hat as well? The card is a Realtek.

Thanks again everyone.

Hi Fabio,

Did you run

systemctl disable libvirtd
systemctl mask libvirtd 

otherwise stopping virbr0 might not survive a reboot.

The power save mode issue I have no clue at the moment.


Jan Gerrit

Hi Jan,

The problem seems to have solved itself. My router was blocked following a widespread down of my provider. Last night when the down was resolved everything started working again.

Thank you and greetings.

Hi Fabio,

Glad your problem is resolved now - what I said : Sometimes the "most easy things" are the solution ... :)


Hi Fabio,

Great that it is resolved.

Thanks for letting us know.

still strange that the DHCP server in the router failed, does it use a DHCP range from the provider?

I use an internal range, so the internal routers and laptops still get an address, even thought the WAN port does not.

So the computers inside my lab still are able to communicate. The system I rely on the most has fixed ip-addresses.


Jan Gerrit