Unable to login with root user and with my own created user

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Red Hat Enterprise LinuxHi Guys,
I have just installed the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.4. After installation I got the screen where I need to put the localhost login.

Please see the attached image linux01.

When I typed the user name "root" it does not allow me to type the password. after "enter button" it allow me to type some thing.

I have created my own user. but it does not allow me to login with my own user.

what should I do ?

Red Hat Enterprise Linux


Hi Mudassar,

Unfortunately I do not see the attached image.

So it is hard to tell what is going wrong.

Be aware RHEL 7.4 is old, so you may want to get a 7.9 or 8.3 installation media and try another installation.

If you do not have a Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscription to do the download, get a Developer subscription and find your options below the download button.


Jan Gerrit Kootstra

Many Thanks for the reply Jan Gerrit. Unfortunately my requirement is 7.4 at the moment. Yes I can download the latest version as well. Now you are able to see the attached screen. 1. What is default password of root ? 2. How can i login my (created ) user ? Thanks again

Hello Mudassar Hussain,

In your attached images, I see for the login username, you typed "su -" or "df" which are Linux commands. I believe there are restrictions against making two-letter account names, and what you entered as a userid in your images should not be used as an account name. Generally, when making systems, you are prompted to make an account userid and consider using that. You could use "root" account in userid, but be very careful when you type commands with the root account.

Are you able to log in just as root and change passwords? If you can log into root, you could use su - accountname. Now some people may have configured their systems so that logging in as root is not allowed.

You could go into rescue mode and reset the password. this link https://access.redhat.com/solutions/1276063 explains this for the root account and while you are there, you can change other account passwords.

Please let us know how this goes.


Hello Mudassar,

We can see the pictures now.

There is no default root password, you should have set it during the installation.

So now you have to follow the article mentioned by RJ Hinton.

you may need the command vipw to remove the "bad username".

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Jan Gerrit

Many thanks for the reply @jan and @RJ. Actually I have done some mistake during installation so I re-install the OS. now i am able to login as root use.

You are welcome Mudassar

How to forget localhost password and I'd without old I'd and password help me please