RHVH 4.4 setup not asking for root pw. default pw?

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Hi Community!

I want to tryout the RHVH 4.4 which i downloaded some hours ago (i am new to redhat). in the setup process (via console, usb, putty) i am not asked for a pw for my root/admin


1) [x] Language settings 2) [x] Time settings
(German (Austria)) (Europe/Vienna timezone)
3) [x] Installation Destination 4) [x] Kdump
(Automatic partitioning (Kdump is enabled)
5) [ ] Network configuration
(Not connected)

these are the only setup options. after successful installation and reboot the system boots until:

Red Hat Virtualization Host 4.4.3 (el8.3)
Kernel 4.18.0-240.1.1.el8_3.x86_64 on an x86_64

Web console: https://RHVH:9090/

RHVH login:

is there a default pw for the first login and where to set a pw? please help me ;-) cant wait testing the cool stuff i saw at youtube :)


Installing software 100% . Configuring storage . Installing boot loader .. Performing post-installation setup tasks Performing post-installation setup tasks . Configuring Red Hat subscription ... Configuring installed system ................... Writing network configuration . Creating users Configuring addons Executing com_redhat_kdump addon Executing org_fedora_oscap addon .. Generating initramfs .... Running post-installation scripts . Storing configuration files and kickstarts . Installation complete

Use of this product is subject to the license agreement found at: /usr/share/redhat-release/EULA

Installation complete. Press ENTER to quit:

In addition to the post: in the process there is a position "creating users" - but not asking me which ones to create :)

Problem solved: on the website here: https://access.redhat.com/downloads/content/415/ver=4.4/rhel---8/4.4/x86_64/product-software

Hypervisor Image for RHV 4.4 - this version has got the root pw option while setup Hypervisor Image for RHV 4.4.z batch#2 (oVirt-4.4.3) - this version doesn't have the option