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Does Red Hat support 31-bit packages with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 ?

We have been trying to install glibc.s390 on zLinux RHEL 8 and reported the below error

No match for argument: glibc.s390
Error: Unable to find a match: glibc.s390

Kindly let us know the reason for this failure? Does glibc.390 available in RHEL8? any issue in supporting 32bit libraries ?

Kindly revert ASAP



RHEL 8 supports 64-bit s390x, not the earlier 31-bit architecture:

Can you please provide the official RedHat URL that explains about Red Hat does not ship .s390 or 31-bit packages on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 (IBM System Z)

It's right there in the message you're replying to.

I was expecting some URL like this from RHEL - "Removed packages", (deprecated ) -

So that we can provide those details to our customer

That's a good idea.

I can see in the RHEL7 documentation where we've explicitly stated supported architecture names (eg: x86_64) and have also explicitly stated that 32-bit x86 (i386/i686) is not supported. That level of detail is missing in RHEL8 documentation.

I will log a bug against the RHEL8 documentation to have architectures clarified further for RHEL8.

For now, the fact that there is no s390 RHEL8 download and the above knowledgebase page will hopefully be sufficient.

Edit: For your reference Red Hat Private Bug 1944440 - RHEL8 documentation is not precise enough about supported and unsupported architectures.

If you'd like to follow the bug, please sign up for a Bugzilla account using the email address on your profile, then I can add that Bugzilla account to the bug's cc list.

Thank you for the details. I have tried to access the bug and reported the below error. Please add my email address to bug's cc list. You are not authorized to access bug #1944440. Most likely the bug has been restricted for internal development processes and we cannot grant access.


You're added and should be able to see the bug.

Hi Jithesh,

You already got perfect updates and help from Jamie at Red Hat.

Just to state that if ever you want to audit which packaged are not 64-bit, something as simple as this could help:

rpm -qa --queryformat '%{NAME} %{ARCH}\n' | awk '/i[6543]86/ {print}'

I use it for audits on RHEL servers, as part of my 200-odd health-check tests for problem debugging, before and after package updates, and similar.


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