Error while starting bootstrap machine

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Dear Team,

I am installing the latest OCP 4.6.6 on VSphere v6.7

downloaded latest OVA and deployed on VSphere, created a template, and then created a bootstrap VM with all parameters setup including append-bootstrap.64 content.

After start it is giving me Error: inappropriate ioctl for device

Please help to resolve this issue!

Thank you!


Edit kernel parameters and remove console ttys0

Does that require manually intervention of the boot? Or how to edit the kernel parameters when using the OVA? I read that ignition can edit kernel args only using a onetime systemd service (rpm-ostree kargs ...)

** delete / ingore the above please, we facing the issue only when accessing the emergency shell.. **

Hello is there any answer for the issue above am facing the same issue with OCP 4.6.40 installatiom