MySql Datasource naming

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Hello all!
I have a problem getting my JBoss EAP 7.3 server to recognize the correct mysql datasource name. The system wants to call it My Sql JDBC Connection, and I never called it that. I have tried everything I can think of for it to accept my connection name. I have the 8.0.20 driver in the modules/com/mysql/main directory with the module.xml file, and my datasource names match each other in the persistence and ds mapping file. I even went into EE subsystems under global modules, but you can't change it there. So i added a generic datasource called "module" because that's what the xml file is called. Still no luck! It's telling me the driver named "jboss.jdbc-driver.mysql" is missing. But if I change the driver name to that, it just appends it to "jboss.jdbc-driver.mysql driver,mysql" Weird,,,what am I missing?I figured I need to step away for awhile and post up in here see if you guys have any ideas??


Mark, have you considered removing the "driver-name" config line and testing without it?

Thanks Stephen! That's an idea! HAHA It's good to step away when you get stuck :) . I'll check that out later.