How to destroy file systems in order to recreate for RHCSA exam practice?

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I am preparing for the RHCSA exam for December 2020.
I would like to practice for the objectives below, delete the configuration and start over and over again for practice.
*Create and configure file systems

Create, mount, unmount, and use vfat, ext4, and xfs file systems
Mount and unmount network file systems using NFS
Configure systems to mount file systems at boot by universally unique ID (UUID) or label
How to destroy/remove the file systems after they are created and set to mount automatically (for the case of partitions, VDO Volume, Logical Volume, Stratis Volume)? I want to do this so I can create them again and again (including partition, volumes) for practice.

For Stratis Volumes I found the procedure in the book I am using as a guide for RHCSA and also on the Access Red Hat documentation (

umount /stratis/my-pool/my-fs

stratis filesystem destroy my-pool my-fs

stratis filesystem list my-pool

Thank you.


Hi Yeni A,

You can usually reset your lab and systems with the web-based controls for your system. Incidentally, you can also post direct Red Hat learning questions at That community focuses specifically on learning Red Hat products.

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