RHV Manager extra RHEL needed

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Hi do I need to purchase an extra RHEL for RHV Manager if I purchase RHEV?

3x RV0236407 for one cluster with 1 RHV Manager

quote from pricelist notes:
Note: A RHV subscription is not needed for any server or virtual machine that will run the RHV Manager. However, RHV Manager requires an operating system. Therefore, the customer needs a RHEL subscription to attach to the server or virtual machine that will run RHV Manager.

Note: There is a known issue when the customer wants to deploy RHV Manager on a standalone server. If your customer intends to do that, open a BU Guidance ticket.

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Hi Matthias Lätzsch,

Please contact Red Hat sales for this specific question. We are overwhelmingly volunteers here, and the Red Hat sales people are the best ones to ask this. The have all the changing factors on this.