How to upgrade openssl version in RHEL 5

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One of our softwares installation depends on the latest openssl? How should I upgrade it. When I tried use command or software management in redhat to uninstall openssl, it will remove a lot of other softwares automatically which I don't want.

So how should I upgrade.

Hua Jie


Depends on your application. If you're compiling your application from source, you can usually tell our application where to look for libraries (via build-time and run-time linker defines). If your application is delivered as a binary, you can probably invoke your application via a startup/wrapper-script and set an LD_LIBRARY_PATH define in that script.

In either case, you can then do a parallel installation of the specific OpenSSL version and configure your application to look in that library location rather than the system-default location.

Hi Tom

You're right about this.

Hua Jie