Creating a Snapshot only works for 3-level packages

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I am trying to create a snapshot called TEST for my application - the package is 5-level i.e. com.mycompany.myapp.rules.mymodule. It says the snapshot TEST has been created but when I look at the Package Snapshots section, it didn't create any. In fact that section only containts package com.mycompany.myapp. I tried reducing it to 4 levels and still did not work. Finally i tried reducing it to three levels - com.mycompany.mymodule and was finally able to create a TEST snapshot.

Is this behavior intentional? Or is there some way i.e. on a configuration where we can change some attriutes to allow 5-level packages for snapshots? i don't see the point where you would allow the package to be 5-levels but won't be able to create a snapshot out of it.


Is this question related to any of Red Hat JBoss products? You are using Maven to create your SNAPSHOT right? There is no limit on package levels so you should check your build settings in the pom.xml to ensure your pulling in the right packages in the first place. Unfortunately this is not supported by Red Hat Middleware Support but if you have any other questions feel free to ask and I'll do my best to guide you.