Creating a Snapshot only works for 3-level packages

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I am trying to create a snapshot called TEST for my application - the package is 5-level i.e. com.mycompany.myapp.rules.mymodule. It says the snapshot TEST has been created but when I look at the Package Snapshots section, it didn't create any. In fact that section only containts package com.mycompany.myapp. I tried reducing it to 4 levels and still did not work. Finally i tried reducing it to three levels - com.mycompany.mymodule and was finally able to create a TEST snapshot.

Is this behavior intentional? Or is there some way i.e. on a configuration where we can change some attriutes to allow 5-level packages for snapshots? i don't see the point where you would allow the package to be 5-levels but won't be able to create a snapshot out of it.