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I have to test my device driver on 6.4, 6.5, 7.*, for both x86 & x64. I'll be creating VM's for these instances and plan to cycle thru (start/test/stop) the list in an automated fashion. I was intending to do this with 1 RedHat license but I don't see how that could possibly work. The RHN Classic subscription is by system name and it's associated channel.
I was going to use system names like:

My current assumption: I have to register a VM as I would any RHEL system in order to get updates.

Would some one share the technique or logic required to accomplish this with 1 license?
Thanks in advance for your time.



I have this subscription: Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server, Self-support (1-2 sockets) (Up to 1 guest)

I was just reading thru a related discussion: https://access.redhat.com/site/discussions/525973

If I understand correctly, a single rhel guest on my rhel host would not consume another license. If my host system is not rhel (currently fedora 19) it does consume one of the licenses from our 5-pack. Please correct me if I misunderstood that discussion.

However, I need to remain bounded to a single license/entitlement. Where the host is rhel and I can run several different versions of rhel in a guest on that physical system, one at a time.

Hi Thomas,

With the entitlement you have, you receive a single physical subscription, and one virtual (flex) guest subscription.

So when registering a virtual system, running on a supported hypervisor (KVM, vmware, etc) it will consume the 'flex' guest entitlement, independent of the host.

There have been some recent changes as mentioned regarding newer skus, and this has an impact regarding registration via Red Hat Subscription Manager tools ( subscription-manager register), as opposed to Red Hat Network classic ( rhnreg_ks ).

I hope that helps to clarify, and if not please let me know! With your self-support entitlement, Red Hat also offers you phone support for registration/entitlement concerns at 1-888-GO-REDHAT. Please don't hesitate to give us a call if you'd like.


To add to Kyle's reply, depending on how many guests you're going to need, you might wish to look into an entitlement which includes more flex guests or unlimited flex guests. The base entitlement might cost a bit more, but it could cost you less overall than buying many single self-support entitlements.

You can see the pricing for the various entitlement levels here in the RHEL Server catalog.