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Have several users without root access that want to move their storage to another area. However, they've found they cannot move the storage directory because they have insufficient permissions for those overlays created inside the containers that have their subuid/subgid on them.

Is there an easy way for non-privileged users to move their storage directory en masse from one location to another?




You could consider the use of "sudo" with rsync, but in doing so, you could have people who are not fully familiar with storage requirements and who might attempt to perform moves, copies and end up creating a larger issue because the folks in question are not fully aware of the impact or storage availability.

This will extend to be potentially a diverse complex matter that revolves around the specifics of your environment your Linux systems reside on.

I've dealt with balancing storage for years so that storage "drives" (for lack of an immediate better term) do not fill up. The users you might delegate to do this may not be aware of the space on the receiving end of the storage you wish to move. Do you mean truly "move" or a copy? This may seem obvious - but if you do mean copy instead of move, people who work independently of each other may "copy" their data from one place to another without knowledge of another person doing the same and you could potentially end up with several duplicate directory structures and pay the price for storage more than once when it's not needed to.

If the users in question are doing this by chance through windows to storage that exists on UNIX/Linux, they may not have accurate "visibility" of available storage and then when they go to either copy or move the data, it could potentially fill up the target storage device.

I get the idea that there are quite a number of tasks to move your storage to the point you're considering opening the possibility for users to do this themselves? rsync works very well, but if let's say you happened to have a directory structure with a lot of hard links (much different than soft-links), the data could potentially expand out to a huge size depending on the amount of hard links. This brief-of-sorts reply can't possibly be considered to be exhaustive, but it brings up some ideas for food for thought for you to consider what opening the door to multiple users moving/copying data without knowing what each other might be up to and to consider that impact. If you do open the door to this, I'd recommend the people in question have some idea of what the other is doing. If you have two users or offices filing the same storage device (even through a cron command) simultaneously, you can quickly fill up a storage device someplace and have an impact that is not fun, especially if you use true "mv" and not "rsync" without verifying the data from the original source to the target. If both entities use "mv" and it goes bad, the data off of each of their original sources is removed and moved to the new source. If they fill it up because they did this in tandem - you'll potentially end up with quite a mess to resolve. Food for thought.