Deploying RHOCP on vSphere 7

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hello Experts,

i am trying to deploy redhat openshift container platform 4.5deployed machines on my vSphere 7 lab.
i wen through the steps mentioned in the documentation for IPI deployment and have started the deployment installer.

the installer deploys the Bootstrap machine and 3 master nodes and hangs at
"DEBUG Still waiting for the Kubernetes API: Get https://api.occluster.vmware.lab:6443/version?timeout=32s: dial tcp connect: no route to host"

the api ip address takes too long to be assigned to the bootstrap machine and it is assigned after the installer fails to deploy the cluster and generate the logs.

seems that master nodes are trying to get the ignition files from the bootstrap machine, but there is no route to host

after the deployment fails, the api address is accessible and the master nodes complete the configuration, but the worker nodes don't complete configuration at all
attached are the logs for you reference

appreciate your feedback master node



I had this issue when I'd mix up ingressVIP and apiVIP in the install-config.yaml

I receive the same error when trying to deploy OCP 4.7. What steps did you take to fix it ?

My issue was due to the slow and limited internet connection. after you start the deployment the master machines will be downloading all the required container images which took a long time to finish, thus the deployment fails. in addition the worker nodes will download the container images so this will take some time also

if you are not able to get a better connection, you can keep the deployment running even if it fails you can come back maybe the next day and you will find the worker nodes available.

you may need to do something like the below to make sure the cluster was deployed successfully

[root@workstation openshift-installer]# ./openshift-install wait-for bootstrap-complete --dir=/root/occluster
INFO Waiting up to 20m0s for the Kubernetes API at https://api.occluster.vmware.lab:6443... INFO API v1.19.0+9f84db3 up INFO Waiting up to 30m0s for bootstrapping to complete... INFO It is now safe to remove the bootstrap resources INFO Time elapsed: 0s [root@workstation openshift-installer]#