Programatically control a deployment

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Hi there,
I was wondering if EAP 7 has any features that allow us to programatically control a deployment.

Let's say i want to verify if the EAR being deployed has a debug logging level or doesn't contain a certain security configuration.

The idea is to be able in runtime verify and validate the application being deployed.



Wouldn't it be better to do this with your CI/CD tooling?

Hi Stephen, thanks for replying.

Could you elaborate a little on your answer?


If you're using pipelines with something like Jenkins/Travis/CircleCI anything you could add a stage in your deploy pipeline to inspect the EAR and check for whatever, then notify. I'd guess you could always do this if you're doing build on commits to your SCM of choice, too, which would be my recommendation, or even set your flags appropriately and then store two builds for each commit: a debug build and a non-debug build, then you simply promote the non-debug build to deploy to production after your QA/UAT testing is satisfied.

Hello Stephen,

Thanks for the reply.

That's a good suggestion.

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