ssh into linux from powershell only working for root

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I have a linux install running under virtualbox. I can ssh into it with root and other users fine from dos prompt. When I ssh from powershell though it only works with root userid. When I ssh with the other userid the prompt does not return until I hit enter - it seems to hang. The same thing also happens if I ssh in using root then su - otherid (It also hangs despite the fact I'm already on the server).
Anybody seen this behavior before? Apologies in advance if it should really be a PowerShell question.
Any help much appreciated!


Hi Rob, welcome to the RH Discussion area.

I had no idea that powershell may support ssh. Sorry, I myself have no quick answer on this, I'd have to dig from total scratch on this. Maybe someone else will chime in here.

That being said, you could use a program called Putty which is widely used by windows users who wish to ssh to UNIX/Linux systems. Side note, regarding what you said about only being able to ssh to the root account, I'd recommend going to a different Linux system and ssh to the Linux system in question not as root to determine if there are account or authentication or password issues and deal with that if required. Additionally, examine the output of the server in question for /var/log/messages and /var/log/secure.



See last post. Here's a few links that I have no idea will assist with your pursuit of ssh with powershell, but they might have something useful, maybe.


Cheers RJ. Yes it's a bit of an odd one. The ssh connection works ok for all users from dos prompt and also from putty. It just only works for root when using openssh on powershell. The other ID connects and accepts thelogin credentials but then just hangs until I hit enter - then it beeps and comes back with prompt. Both ID's are connecting from same prompt and IP address so I can only assume the responses received are somehow being interpreted differently. I'll keep digging and id I stumble across the solution I'll update this. Cheers

Hey Rob, if possible, I'd recommend not allowing ssh-to-root where possible. It is considered one of many best practices to not allow ssh directly to root where possible.

I'd dig through the logs I mentioned previously regarding ssh failures. Is it absolutely critical that ssh is used with PowerShell? Can Putty be used instead - especially if it allows ssh to the actual user account and not root?


Hi RJ Yes I did connect with Putty (standard user account) in the end and it all works ok. Cheers