Anyone setup RHEV Hosted Engine before?

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So setting up a new RHEV environment over iSCSI.

I've added the iSCSI targets.
Do I need to do anything before deploying the hosted engine.

Going through:
hosted-engine --deploy

iSCSI discover with Rest API:
Cannot find any LUN found the targets!

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.



It seems like you iscsi server/storage is not configured properly (ie, target configured with no disks assigned). From the RHV host, if you run iscsiadm -m session -P3, do you see any disks at the end of each target? ie:

# iscsiadm -m session -P 3
iSCSI Transport Class version 2.0-870
Target: (non-flash)
    Current Portal:,1
    Persistent Portal:,1
        Iface Name: default
        Iface Transport: tcp
        Iface Initiatorname:
        Iface IPaddress:
        Iface HWaddress: <empty>
        Iface Netdev: <empty>
        SID: 1
        iSCSI Connection State: LOGGED IN
        iSCSI Session State: LOGGED_IN
        Internal iscsid Session State: NO CHANGE
        Recovery Timeout: 5
        Target Reset Timeout: 30
        LUN Reset Timeout: 30
        Abort Timeout: 15
        username: <empty>
        password: ********
        username_in: <empty>
        password_in: ********
        Negotiated iSCSI params:
        HeaderDigest: None
        DataDigest: None
        MaxRecvDataSegmentLength: 262144
        MaxXmitDataSegmentLength: 262144
        FirstBurstLength: 65536
        MaxBurstLength: 262144
        ImmediateData: Yes
        InitialR2T: Yes
        MaxOutstandingR2T: 1
        Attached SCSI devices:
        Host Number: 6  State: running
        scsi6 Channel 00 Id 0 Lun: 0
            Attached scsi disk sda      State: running                       <== need to see a disk here

I had found a setup instructions that included setting the iscsadm connection with a --login to make persist that was causing issues.

Also ovirt-hosted-engine-cleanup doesn't remove non persistent iscsiadm session from previous deploys that have to be manually removed.

I did an iscsiadm -m sessions and then an iscsiadm -T iqn.# -p IP:3260 -u to remove the target.

Now the LUN is discovered and stuck copying the hosted engine to the shared storage. Working on a case with the SAN which is connected on the same switch to the server.

Also found out on the version of the hypervisor 4.3.10 the ethernet on the server that connects to the SAN REQUIRES an IP gateway to determine a Hosted Engine HA score. It's a bug.

So on an initial setup:

  1. make sure your ethernet to your SAN has a GW
  2. join your RH subscript for your repos
  3. yum update and install the rhvm-appliance
  4. don't do anything with iscsiadm
  5. don't do anything with multipathing
  6. screen then deploy