Multiple registry in OCP4.5

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My use case is that I have to take backup of registry core services.

Our OCP4.5 environment is deployed on VSphere. In our environment there is one private registry.

As per the documentation as well as our environment the registry operator is running under "openshift-image-registry" namespace.

The registry is used by different people for different purpose. Now I have to take backup and need to perform disaster for the verification of restore. If restore fails then everyone will be impacted.

That's why my question is that, can we create another image registry operator to manage different registry in same cluster under different namespace? If it is so then what will be the steps to configure these concept. Because I have not found anything right now to configure multiple image registry operator as well as different registry in same OCP4 environment.

It will be very helpful for me if anyone give me some suggestion.



maybe you can have a look at which provides a rich feature set, including mirroring.