Ansible Tower - Instance groups

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We recently adopted Ansible Tower as our official automation tool and we are using Red Hat Satellite as inventory Source!

Servers are located in 2 data centers, that we have strict fw rules between than, and to be able to reach the servers on the “remote location” we have installed isolated nodes in the “remote site” and that works very well, the problem is, we have many automations that runs against all servers or in a huge number of servers, and we did not figured out how I can run a single job template against the full inventory and Ansible Tower automatically route to the correct execution node (As Satellite do with Subnet) using the right credential, the only way to do that (at least what I figured out) is grouping servers by their characteristics, such as correct instance groups, credential, Etc... Making us to have an huge number of possible combinations, increasing the complexibility and reducing the efficiency.