Is there any feature for calling an endpoint exposed by all Application Node?

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Context: we will use OpenShift in our DataCenter to host our SpringBoot Microservices. The load balance and high availability will relay on pool of Virtual IP (VIP).

Goal: Beyond business endpoints, I want expose a extra endpoint in each microservices and call it whenver certain event happens and I need to clear all Spring Cache variable. In other words, I need to evoke an edpoint and be sure that all microservies instances with this specific endpoint is evoked, not only one of the single instance.

Common and known way to achieve it: I know how achieve it by setting Spring Cloud Config Client our microservices.

Limitation: unfortunatelly, for internall reasons, I can't use Spring Cloud Config.

My issue: is there some alternative proposed by Hed Hat for exposing an unique endpoint that will evoke all endpoints of same endpoint from all microservice instaces no matter if I have one instance or multiple instances behind VIP? For instance, I have an endpoint named PostSomeThing exposed by a microservice named MyMicroService. To sum up, we deployed two PODs with same MyMicroService and thanks to VIP (load balance) only one of the two instances will be called at once. I want call both endpoint PostSomeThing available on both PODs. If I try expose a normal Spring Controller endpoint obviously only a single POD will be reached behind VIP and for such especific endpoint I need garantee all PostSomeThing endpoints are reached at once.

Imaginary solution:

1 - maybe I can integrate somehow VIP with OpenShift informing that a specific endpoint must be treated with diferent algoritm. Instead of Roud Robin it must call alls.

2 - perhaps there is an out-of-box solution that is an alternative to Spring Cloud Config + Actuator/Srping Cloud Config Bus in Hed Hat package.

Disclaimer: kindly, I am quite new to Hed Hat OpenShift world. If you note I posted in wrong discussion or I wrote some naive terms don't ignore and help me by mentioned it.


Hello Jimis Drpc.

there's many ways to perform what you're trying to do but we have to get a little bit more information about your question. Are you trying to access this endpoint internally on Openshift or external (over the internet)? The microservices are from only one application or many?