Convert virtual images to RHEV ?

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Looking at the virt-v2v manual, it seems all based on having a vmware/xen/etc. environment running to do conversions of virtual machines. Does anybody know how I can convert vmware images without having a running vmware setup?

F.ex. I'd want to download and run mininet from in RHEV. The contains mininet-vm-disk1.vmdk, and mininet-vm.ovf -- Is that convertible to RHEV somehow?


Here's a detailed document describing the process in some detail. I haven't tried it, however, your mileage may vary. :)

Unfortunately my blogpost only converts the VMware image to a KVM disk image, not a RHEV virtual machine. The qemu-img convert was amazingly simple, and there is a utility that I have not found/tried yet - vmware2libvirt

My document was a very specific case, but I think in general I think the process is pretty straight-forward. I think your success will depend mostly on VMware image (and whether they used VMware Tools and VMware-specific devices). I like the following doc which Red Hat hosts (it references RHEV 2.x):

Here is another guide I thought was helpful (converting OVA/OVF to regular files)

Newer versions of virt-v2v on Fedora can convert ovf's to RHEV.

Slightly unrelated (just incase someone finds this thread!) -- We converted over a dozen KVM guests to RHEV via virt-v2v.

$ virt-v2v -i libvirtxml -o rhev -os hostname:/rhev/share output.xml