Installing Fedora 19 as a RHEV 3.2 VM

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I may just have bad ISO files - except that I've burned real DVDs from these ISO files and the DVDs work on physical machines. I'm trying to set up a Fedora 19 system as a RHEV 3.2 virtual machine. I can boot my VM from any number of ISO files in my ISO domain, just not the F19 ISOs. I was finally able to capture a screenshot of the console - when I boot any VM from either my 32 bit or 64 bit F19 ISO, the VM blows up with this error on the console:

[5.306867 ioremap error for 0x3ffff000-0x40000000, requested 0x10, got 0x0

and then powers itself off. The error happens whether I select the option to test the media or just do the install. A couple seconds after I select my option, the console screen flashes the error above, then goes white, then goes away and the VM shuts itself off. It's as if a driver somewhere doesn't get along well with the virtual hardware it's running on.

Has anyone else built up an F19 VM in a RHEV 3.2 environment? Meantime, I'll see if I can wget another set of ISO files directly from somewhere and see if those work any better.


  • Greg


Just downloaded a brand new copy of Fedora-19-i386-DVD.iso and the symptoms are identical. I have a little more info on the problem now. Here is the sequence of events:

Boot from the ISO image.
Select either option to install Fedora or test the media and install Fedora.
The console screen goes white (I was wrong on the sequence of events above) for a few seconds.
Then it flashes the ioremap error and either powers off or reboots.

When I select the Troubleshooting option at the bottom of that boot menu and then install Fedora 19 in basic graphics mode, the screen goes white for a few seconds and the ioremap error flashes as above - but then it boots and the installer starts up.

So go figure. This looks like a Fedora 19 video driver issue. I'll also post this in the Fedora forum.

  • Greg

Huh. Thanks, Greg. That sounds pretty odd. Interested to hear if anyone else has run into something like this.

Yup, odd indeed. I wrote it up in bugzilla number 1023624.