Kickstart - IPA Client Install (Fails)

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Centos 7.5

I am trying to enroll a client to IPA through kickstart -

%post --nochroot --erroronfail --logfile=/mnt/sysimage/root/kickstart.log

Get the hostname to set as the host principal

/bin/hostname > /tmp/hostname.txt

Run the client install script

display otp password

cat /tmp/otp
export otp=$(cat /tmp/otp)

/usr/sbin/ipa-client-install --hostname=$ --mkhomedir --password=$otp --unattended

sleep 10

end of post


Error: /tmp/ks-script-IqWu2g: line 75: /usr/sbin/ipa-client-install: No such file or directory


is the ipa-client package installed? The error makes me suspect it is not.

Thank you for the Reply Stephen.

Yes for some reason ipa-client isn't installing until after reboot

I do have ipa-client added in the package section as well.