How to increase the disk space of a Hosted Engine (RHV 4.3.5)

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The hosted engine was installed with the default 60 GB disk size and now some filesystems (/var) are getting close to the maximum occupation.

Is it possible to increase the size of the existing Hosted engine virtual disk or add an additional virtual disk to the Hosted Engine VM and use it to increase the logical volumes ?

From the Web admin portal, does not seems possible, growing the disk or adding a new one to the Hosted engine fails with a message "This VM is not managed by the engine".

Any way to do it ? Or some suggestions to solve my problem ?



I would suggest checking HostedEngine instance and ensure that nothing is taking up too much disk space. Are you saving backups under /var? Or are there logfiles that are not rotating/compressing properly?

  du -ahx /var | sort -rh | head -20

If it's the database that's blown out, DWH might be too large (ovirt_engine_history), or perhaps the audit_log table (engine):

  /usr/share/ovirt-engine/dbscripts/ -c "\l+"

Check the 'Size' column - you might need to perform a manual vacuum, or delete some older data.